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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

UPDATED: DNA Evidence Confirmed in McCaster Murder Trial

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Updated March 28, 2014 9:15 P.M.

Blood found in a woman's car matches DNA of her dead husband. It's just one of many new developments in the murder trial of a woman accused of killing and dismembering her husband in 2012.

In day three of trial, we're learning the defense's theory as the public defender repeatedly tries to prove reasonable doubt, as new details unfold.

22-year old Norman McCaster "had many secrets" - that's what defense attorney Lindsay Evans said in opening statements in the murder trial of her client Juatasha Denton-McCaster. The 24-year old is charged with killing and dismembering her husband and trying to conceal his death.

Her attorney hints the murder of Norman McCaster may have been drug-related. Multiple witnesses have testified there was no evidence McCaster used drugs.

The defense attorney believes detectives didn't follow all leads; citing an interview transcript with one of McCaster's fellow soldiers, who told investigators the victim smoked marijuana and he saw pills in McCaster's car.
The defense continued pushing reasonable doubt when learning findings from a search of the couple's home in November 2012. Crime scene technicians found what appears to be blood under a bathroom floor tile. Chemical tests were positive for blood, but the defense proved those tests presume it's blood and don't confirm it 100-percent. Those chemicals can also get a false-positive from bleach and cleaning products; which were found in the home.

However, that substance under the tile is a partial match to the victim's DNA.

A glove found in Denton-McCaster's trash also has Norman McCaster's DNA on it. The defense said just because DNA on the glove matches McCaster, it's not 100-percent certain if the blood residue was his; suggesting it could be from an animal.

Many items collected for evidence from the home were not analyzed, which Denton-McCaster's attorney didn't miss; including DNA, shoe prints, and the bathtub drain.

Investigators' video of the home search, and video of the crime scene, were lost when a computer crashed at the sheriff's office in May 2013.

During a search of the couple's home, investigators found a list that read "bleach walls" and  "register gun" - among other tasks. They also found a calendar with the date October 26, 2012 blacked out. McCaster's torso was found three days later.

ABC News Channel 20 will have more on the trial when testimony resumes on Monday.


Original report March 28, 2014 5:12 P.M.

For the first time, we're learning the defense attorney's theory in the murder of trial of the woman accused of killing and dismembering her husband.

In day three of the trial, the attorney for 24-year-old Juatasha Denton-McCaster hints the murder of 22-year-old Norman McCaster may have been drug-related.

Multiple witnesses have testified there was no evidence McCaster used drugs, including the pathologist who did his autopsy.

McCaster's Illinois National Guard sergeant also testified his drug tests were all negative.

The defense attorney believes detectives didn't follow all leads, citing an interview transcript with one of McCaster's fellow soldiers, who told investigators the victim smoked marijuana and he saw pills in McCaster's car.

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